The energy of March is leaping into my body. 

I purged from my life a lot of artificial energy and patterns of addiction, to leave me with the heart space to allow community and new relationships and I was shown that it would not be here and would not be in a big city.
I am leaving soon, and I am already dreaming of sunshine and warmth and sand and the scent of the ocean.
Today was spent dreaming.
I also want to share that it’s been increasingly difficult for me as highly sensitive to be in a big city as the energy is really shifting and it’s very complicated to access lighter body energy and flow energy in places that are so removed from Nature.
I had to completely change my diet, devote more time to mindfulness abs meditation less time in gatherings and with groups, had to quit my job, sell my things, work from home, as I no longer felt I had the ability to compromise and live as before.
My body really need to be prioritized.
So… if you have been feeling this, I would advise you to reach out to your guides (or set intentions for this if you don’t have the habit) to really call on what actions you can take to better support your coming into balance and ser clear energetic boundaries.

Don’t forget the magic of your body. Don’t forget to dream and to go on adventures. 
Your life should not be predictable.

I would also like to share something I have received some days ago and that I spoke of during a session:

“Gaia is a consciousness collective, one that is a natural flow and that works with the Universal consciousness. It was important for me to bring this message reassuring those who are still releasing themselves from the past that you are divinely supported and that there is no going back to how things used to look like. Do not let these feelings of thinking you are being dragged into the bottom of the ocean be the whole story. You do not have to continue living in the past.

This is the time to connect with yourself and your energy and know that you have a choice of how you want your life to look it. The temptation to be dragged into the drama of others is strong, let your heart become stronger.

Things look and feel dark in the collective now because they are experiencing a moment of a collective dark night of the soul, a shadow work passage and a confrontation with fear based narratives.

That things feel impossible to overcome is nothing but a lie of the ego that forgot it is just a temporary being forever transforming.

It is important more than ever to accept that everything ends except our continuous love for each other and remember that Love is what we are.

Remember what you are and live from that place, you will always be supported and you will always be shown a way out, if you want to.”



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